Ban on Plastic! A Blessing or A Curse

  • Dr. Kandalgaonkar, S.R
  • Jyoti Harchekar
Keywords: Globalization, Ban on Plastic, Micron, Hygiene, Environment Pollution, Environment Friendly Alternatives


Use of plastic is a habit. Ban on plastic is an essential control by government. There are obvious reactions to this policy both from the trading community and the citizens. There are number of effects of this policy on the day to day civic life as well as on the business. The present research paper is based on the primary data collected through questionnaire, from different parts of the city as well as with interviews of the traders. Secondary data is adopted from the government policy documents and by referring websites. A number of suggestions are made to make effective use of the ban on plastic with smooth going.


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Dr. Kandalgaonkar, S.R, & Jyoti Harchekar. (2018). Ban on Plastic! A Blessing or A Curse. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(5), 77-79.