Stabilization of Black cotton soil with Tyre Waste

  • Shubha M
  • Pavan Kumar Balichakra
Keywords: CBR, Rubber Crumb, OMC, MDD


Black cotton soil which covers the major portion of Indian sub continent poses challenging problems to infrastructural development in the region. The soil is generally weak and has less stability against the application of load. These soils are used in sub grade of pavement and also in construction of structures. The swelling and shrinkage property of black cotton soil makes it difficult for construction. Soil stabilization is one such method which will be adopted to improve the properties of soils. Many additives such as fly ash, mine waste, cement, lime have been used in the past to stabilize the soils. In this study an attempt is made to stabilize the soil using tyre waste.

Results of the study reveal that the engineering properties of soil can be improved by the addition of tyre waste and also solves the problem of disposal of waste.


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