Multipurpose Energy Saving Manual Compressor for Artisans in African Countries

  • Dr. Isaac Ali Kwasu
  • Dr. Aje Tokan
  • Engr. M A Bawa
Keywords: Development, Air, Energy, Compressor, Machine, Flywheel, Artisans, Sprocket, Tank, Chain, Pulley, V Belt


This Research work involves the design, fabrication and testing of a manually operated compressor for use of artisans and small scale vulcanizing activities. The developed machine consists of chain sprocket arrangement to a flywheel attached to a pulley which powers the compressor as well as a storage tank to receive air by foot pedaling. The article is an innovative product to meet the needs of  rural African Artisans that uses air compressor for their daily  activities .  The design is such that the chain sprocket provides the compressor with a driving force in conjunction with the flywheel thereby replacing the prime mover. Prototype pilot test carried out on the developed manual air compressor could generates 10 Psi ie 0.69bar-volume of air in 60 seconds. A new design with better parameter of the machine was done to improve it’s proficiency after testing for broad application even for the handicap Artisans.


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Dr. Isaac Ali Kwasu, Dr. Aje Tokan, & Engr. M A Bawa. (2018). Multipurpose Energy Saving Manual Compressor for Artisans in African Countries. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(4), 95-100.