Air Hybrid Bicycle

  • C.K. Jha
  • Suraj Verma
  • Shubham Kumar Gupt
Keywords: Bicycle, Solenoid Valve, Mild Steel, Power Transmission, Crankshaft, Air Compressor


This project is design, fabrication and development of a design and fabrication of pneumatic bicycle it is rear wheel drive. The conceptual design of this model is taken from manually operated bicycle. The complete body looks like a bicycle in which manual operation followed. This product is a pneumatic vehicle, useful for handicapped people, and also normal persons. The power transmission takes place from rear wheel through chain drive. The entire arrangement of power transmission by means of connecting rod of the actuator is taken along with the chain sprocket. When the Compressor is connected to, it would give a driving force due the pressure at which air is sent. Only one person is allowed on the bicycle at any time. The material, mild steel is choose as a main structure fastening by joint, and main components of this project is , air cylinder, solenoid valve, electrical control unit, pneumatic actuator, power transmitting chain, sprocket wheel, two wheeler rear wheel components of model attach by welding, part by part create then be fabricating together. At the end of the project, the model is tested by several people and their comment then being recorded and performed some tests. The concept of compressed air bicycle in practice reduces the air pollution to large extend as its exhaust is nothing but air. 


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