Multi-Purpose Agriculture Machine

  • Tushar Lakhmani
  • Prakhar Asthana
  • Mragank Sharma
  • Vivek Verma
Keywords: Sprayer, Toggle Switch, Battery, Solar Panel


The paper aims on the design, development and the fabrication of the vehicle which can dig the soil, sow the seeds, leveler to close the soil and pump to spray water, these whole systems of the vehicle works with the battery and solar power, the vehicle is controlled by toggle switch. In recent years the development of the autonomous vehicles in the agriculture has experienced increased interest. The advantages of these vehicles are hands-free and fast input operations. In the field of agricultural autonomous vehicle, a concept is been developed to investigate if multiple small autonomous machine could be more efficient than traditional large tractors and human forces. Keeping the above ideology in mind, a unit with the following feature is designed, Ploughing is one of the first steps in farming. During this process we till the land and make it ready for the seed sowing. By tilling we mean that a plough will be used which will have teeth’s like structure at the end and will be able to turn the top layer of soil down and vice-versa. Seed sowing comes next where the seeds need to be put in ground at regular intervals and these needs to be controlled automatically. Limiting the flow of seeds from the seeds chamber is typically doing this. soil leveler is fitted to close the seeds to the soil and to level the ground. Water pump is used to spray the water. 


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