A New Approach to Solve Initial Basic Feasible Solution for the Transportation Problem

  • M. Kavitha
  • N. Srinivasan
  • A. Seethalakahmy
Keywords: Transportation Problem, Transportation Cost, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Optimal Solution


In transportation problem the main requirement is to find the Initial Basic Feasible Solution for the transportation problem. The objective of the transportation problem is to minimize the cost. In this paper, a new algorithm (i.e.) Row Implied Cost Method(RICM) which is proposed to find an initial basic feasible solution for the transportation problem. This method is illustrated with numerical examples.


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M. Kavitha, N. Srinivasan, & A. Seethalakahmy. (2018). A New Approach to Solve Initial Basic Feasible Solution for the Transportation Problem. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(3), 46-48. https://doi.org/10.31033/ijemr.8.3.5