Physiochemical Properties and Meat Quality Parameters of Wild Boar Meat: A Review

  • S. Anand Kumar
Keywords: Meat Quality Parameters, Proximate Composition, Sensory Attributes, Wild Boar Meat


Wild boar meat has well balanced with nutrients and comprised with unique sensory attributes and meat quality parameters, however, limited information and studies have been performed on nutritional quality and meat quality parameters. The proximate composition of wild boar meat, mainly protein and fat contents were ranged at 21.6-24.11% and 2.27-2.62% respectively. The composition of fatty acids in wild boar has obtained higher values for unsaturated fatty acids particularly mono unsaturated fatty acids; nonetheless, investigation on availability of essential amino acids was scarce. Wild boar meat was darker colour, less tender and pH ranged at 5.44-5.71. Further, sophisticated studies will promote the consumption rate of wild boar meat among consumers that ultimately provide an opportunity to industries to enhance their production.


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