Electrical Power Theft Intimation Over SMS

  • Pruthviraj P. Patil
  • Dr. B. T. Salokhe
  • A.S. Mali
Keywords: Electrical Current Theft, Wireless Data Transmission and Receiving, Unauthorized Tapping


Theft Intimations based Electricity Theft Identification system. This project will not only useful to electricity theft, and but also calculating the fare, and using the prepaid card for transfer the SMS to the centre observer system. If suppose we implement the project for a complete network in an area, that will be consuming very huge amount and it may calculate the energy transmission and energy consumption. By using the above two values we can calculate the transmission loses we are going to implement monitor with wireless transmission for single house. Wireless data transmission and receiving technique is used. Existing system is not able to identify the exact location of tapping. This system actually finds out on which electrical line there is a tapping and also it will determine transmission line faults.


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