A Comprehensive Study on Venture Capital Investments in India

  • Saranya.S
  • Dr. Amulya.M
Keywords: Venture Capital, Investment, Database


Venture capital investments is India has been a buzz word over last five years. Venture capital investments have been considered as alternative financing sources for entrepreneurs. Venture capital has been established as “risk finance provided for the promotion of novice business ideas” across the globe. However, the pattern of venture capital investments across globe is dissimilar and concentrated in few regions. Concentration of venture capital investments is found to be influenced by geographic specific factors. Venture capital industry in India is in the growth stage and has witnessed tremendous growth in the last five to eight years. It is crucial to trace the venture capital investment pattern of the nurturing venture capital industry like in India to assess the areas of interest of investments and potential arena of venture capital investments. This would help to understand the nature of venture capital investors and their expectations by the potential entrepreneurs and portray the potential area of investments to the potential investors.


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