Automated Unified Trolley System for LPG Leakage Detection with Safety Measures and Refill Booking

  • Shraddha Suresh Tanksale
  • Prof. A.S. Mali
  • Dr. B.T. Salokhe
Keywords: LPG Automated Booking System, Leakage Detection, GSM, PIC Controller


The aim of this paper is to design Automated Unified Trolley System for LPG leakage detection with safety measures and Refill booking. This system will detect leakage of LPG and implement security against gas leak such as it will switch off the main power supply. It also switch on the exhaust fan automatically to decrease the gas concentration in air. This system will also help customer to regular update about weight of cylinder. So they are being not cheated by gas agency by providing less amount of gas. Also it is helpful to know about the status of gas. If gas in the cylinder is about threshold value, the system will immediately register gas booking through GSM technology by sending SMS to the distributor company and also send an alert to user at same time. By implementing this, the LPG provider can reduce the delivery delay time and helps to improve customer support service in transparent manner.


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Shraddha Suresh Tanksale, Prof. A.S. Mali, & Dr. B.T. Salokhe. (2018). Automated Unified Trolley System for LPG Leakage Detection with Safety Measures and Refill Booking. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(3), 224-228.