Smart Cane for Blind Person Assisted with Android Application and Save Our Souls Transmission

  • Pratibha Shantaram Pawaskar
  • Prof. D.G. Chougule
  • Prof. A.S. Mali
Keywords: Ultrasonic Sensor, Android Application, GSM, Bluetooth, LDR, PIC 16F877A, Facebook Server


Today technology is improving daily in different aspects in order to provide flexible proposes Smart Cane (Stick) for blind person. But there is no such kind of good system to navigate a blind person and help in emergency situation. In this paper, user friendly device is proposed that can identify the obstacles in the path using ultrasonic sensors. In this system blind person will navigated through a cane interfaced with an android application. A blind person can establish voice call or SMS to a predefined number just by pressing the emergency button on cane using GSM module. In addition, people will get notified as Facebook status updated with emergency alert. This system develop an android application which is smart and user-friendly. While walking in public place during night time, the blind person can use cane as a flashlight which illuminates automatically.


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Pratibha Shantaram Pawaskar, Prof. D.G. Chougule, & Prof. A.S. Mali. (2018). Smart Cane for Blind Person Assisted with Android Application and Save Our Souls Transmission. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(3), 235-240.