Finger Mouse Movement

  • S.P. Mali
  • Jyoti B. Kamble
  • Tejasvini L. Gaikwad
  • Bhagyashri S. Jadhav
  • Monika M. Chavan
Keywords: Segmentation, Finger Detection, Denoise, Image Resize, Fingertip


As we know, for every electronic device, we need to perform some actions to control them. In our project, we represent a novel approach for better human computer interaction (HCI) where we are using finger tips using real-time camera in order to overcome the drawbacks of existing methods and make the system cheaper and more user friendly. Our project proposes a real-time fingertip tracking technique using a web camera to enable users to remotely control their computer mouse by their own bare hands. Our method is to use a camera and computer vision technology, such as image segmentation and compression, to control mouse tasks.  Finger tips are acquired using web camera. The hand region is firstly extracted by background subtraction and filtered by the morphological opening operations and blob labelling. Then, convex hull and convexity defect are used to count the fingers and detect the coordinates of the fingertip.  Through web camera the real time video is captured. After that image processing is performed on each frame of that video in order to detect the finger tip. And accordingly particular actions are performed on the screen.


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S.P. Mali, Jyoti B. Kamble, Tejasvini L. Gaikwad, Bhagyashri S. Jadhav, & Monika M. Chavan. (2018). Finger Mouse Movement. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(2), 5-7.