Remote Access through Android Devices

  • Vishwajit Gaikwad
  • Abhishek Patil
  • Siddhant Nalawade
  • Durgesh Warudkar
  • Vinayak Malavade
Keywords: GPS, GSM, Location, Open Source, Remote Access, Security


Growth in use of Android has led security of Android phone to be an important factor also various daily requirements of the user aren’t satisfied by the preinstalled applications in Android. our application provides a user with access to various features of user’s phone at a remote location. At certain scenarios, it is important for a user to divert all calls and change sound profile of his/her phone while it is at a remote location. Also, this application allows a user to track the phone if lost. Various other facilities like restriction on unauthorized shutdown to avoid scenarios where the phone gets stolen, getting the photo from the remote location. Every single possible way to check the safety of the phone is integrated into a single application that brings this application to a level where even the slightest amount of hope can lead to tracking of the lost phone or even preventing its robbery in first place avoiding the shutdown though.


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