An in Depth Review Paper on Numerous Image Mosaicing Approaches and Techniques

  • Mohamed Abdul – Rahim. M.I.
  • Zheng – Sheng Yu
Keywords: Image Mosaicing, Registration, Blending, Geometric Transformation, Homography, Low-level Feature, Transition Smoothening, Optimal Seam, Extraction


Image mosaicing is one of the most important subjects of research in computer vision at current. Image mocaicing requires the integration of direct techniques and feature based techniques. Direct techniques are found to be very useful for mosaicing large overlapping regions, small translations and rotations while feature based techniques are useful for small overlapping regions. Feature based image mosaicing is a combination of corner detection, corner matching, motion parameters estimation and image stitching.

Furthermore, image mosaicing is considered the process of obtaining a wider field-of-view of a scene from a sequence of partial views, which has been an attractive research area because of its wide range of applications, including motion detection, resolution enhancement, monitoring global land usage, and medical imaging. Numerous algorithms for image mosaicing have been proposed over the last two decades.

In this paper the authors present a review on different approaches for image mosaicing and the literature over the past few years in the field of image masaicing methodologies. The authors take an overview on the various methods for image mosaicing.

This review paper also provides an in depth survey of the existing image mosaicing algorithms by classifying them into several groups. For each group, the fundamental concepts are first clearly explained. Finally this paper also reviews and discusses the strength and weaknesses of all the mosaicing groups.


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