Experimental Studies on Production of Biodiesel from Thevetia Peruviana Feedstock

  • Maruti Chavan
  • Akshay Sutar
  • Rohit Bhatkande
  • Rohan Gurav
  • Moshin Mulla
  • Amit Deokar
  • Praveen Harari
Keywords: Biodiesel, Production, Seeds, Thevetia Peruviana, Transesterification


Biodiesel, an alternative and renewable fuel for diesel engines, consists of alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids, more commonly methyl esters and is typically made from nontoxic, biological resources such as edible and non-edible vegetable oils, animal fats, waste cooking oils etc. by transesterification with methanol. Despite many processes of biodiesel production, transesterification method is successfully employed to reduce the high viscosity of triglycerides and improve other characteristics of biodiesel fuel. In this study the production of biodiesel from Thevetia Peruviana has been carried out.


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