Experimental Study on Micro Drilling Process

  • Ashirbad Swain
  • C. Mohanty
  • Rashmi Ranjan Panda
  • Dillip Mohanta
Keywords: PMMA, Dynamometer, Micro Machine


Micro-drilling processes have been widely used to produce micro holes such as micro dies and molds, fuel injection nozzles, watches, bearings and printed circuit boards. In this thesis all the available micro drilling technologies are reviewed. Whirling of the drill edge at the time of penetration into the work piece degrades hole quality as well. In order to measure circularity error, We requires the measurement systems such as optical microscope, and to measure drilling torque and thrust force, it is to be use of Dynamometer of Kistler (9272A). The way to optimize the DOE it is required orthogonal array. The orthogonal array of L 9 is used in this experiment.


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