Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector – Re – Evaluation

  • Dr. Bhuwan Gupta
  • Sweety Dubey
Keywords: FDI, Retail Sector, Organized Retail, Unorganized Retail


Retail part is developing as one of the alluring segments and can pull in outside players. FDI in retail bears an impact on various partners occupied with the way toward retailing, from retailers to end purchasers. The activity of the GOI to pull in FDI in retail, by changing FDI arrangement must be fundamentally energized yet ought not be unreservedly permitted. This paper tries to feature the current issue of Foreign Direct Investment in the retail portions in the two arrangements of single brand and multi-mark. This paper will show the need and its effect of remote venture of retail in both single brand and additionally multi-mark. This paper will be an eye opener with the SWOT Investigation and the key issues and the activities to be taken in this part. The survey paper is based a portion of the imperative thinks about directed by different scientists for finding the impact of FDI in Indian retail area. The primary point of this paper is to make some exploration situated ways to advance. Based on the survey, it has been discovered that advancement of FDI approach towards retail division bears positive and also negative impacts. The paper proposes that sloppy retailers are required to redesign their retail locations to meet the difficulties of the dynamic retail condition.


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