Traditional Commerce v/s E-commerce and Impact of Demonetization on E-commerce

  • Dinesh Chand Gupta
  • Prof. Meenakshi Bindal
  • Naman Agarwal
  • Kratika Khandelwal
Keywords: E-commerce, Traditional, Comparison, Survey, Demonetization


The accompanying paper looks at a join investigation of electronic business or web based business and customary Commerce and impact of demonetization on web based business. Electronic trade is procedure of working together through PC systems. A man sitting on his seat before a PC or portable can get to every one of the offices of the web to purchase or offer the items. Not at all like conventional business that is completed physically with exertion of a man to go and get items, internet business has made it simpler for human to diminish physical work and to spare time. Online business which was begun in mid 1990's has taken an incredible jump in the realm of PCs, however the way that has prevented the development of web based business is security. Security is the test confronting internet business today and there is still a great deal of progression made in the field of security. Government pulled the old RS. 500 and RS. 1000 notes unavailable for general use. While the exceptional move made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has affected web based business and in the meantime it affects the purchasers and their shopping conduct through web based shopping. Along these lines it ends up important to ponder the effect of demonetization on web based business industry. The fundamental point of the examination is to comprehend and break down the impact of demonetization on purchaser's recurrence of purchasing item and shopper's method of installment mode through internet shopping post demonetization.


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Dinesh Chand Gupta, Prof. Meenakshi Bindal, Naman Agarwal, & Kratika Khandelwal. (2018). Traditional Commerce v/s E-commerce and Impact of Demonetization on E-commerce. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 8(2), 136-142. Retrieved from