Non Performing Assets: A Study of Pithoragarh District Co-Operative Bank Ltd. (Uttarakhand)

  • Vimal Kumar Joshi
  • Dr. C.S. Joshi
Keywords: NPA, Economy, Co-Operative Bank


Now a days the Indian banking sector has been facing serious problems of raising Non – Performing Assets. Non – Performing Assets are a burning topic of concern for the public sector banks, as managing and controlling NPA is very important. A well – built banking sector is significant for a prosperous economy. The crash of banking sector may have an unfavourable blow on other sectors. A banker should be very cautious in lending, because banker is not lending money out of his own pocket. A major portion of the money lent comes from the public deposits and government share. At present NPA is increasing year by year in nationalized banks. According to the RBI data the Gross NPA of nationalised banks as on end of September 2017 hits 7.34 lakh crore. In this direction present paper is undertaken to study the reasons for advances becoming NPA of the Pithoragarh District CO- Operative Bank ltd and to give suitable suggestions to overcome the mentioned problem.


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