Present Scenario of Derivative Market in India: An Analysis (2010-2018)

  • Meenakshi Bindal
Keywords: DERIVATIVES, Stock Exchange, Future Option, SEBI, NSE, Financial Market


Derivative market has an important role to play in economic development of a country. Change in exchange rates, interest rates and stock prices of different financial markets have increased the financial risk to the corporate world. Adverse changes in the macroeconomic factors have even threatened the very survival of business world. It is therefore necessary to develop a set of new financial instruments known as derivatives in the Indian financial markets, to manage such risk. The objectives of these instruments is to provide commitments to prices for future dates for giving protection against adverse movements in future prices, in order to reduce the extent of financial risks. This paper traces the growth and current position of India derivative market the present study is an effort to analyze derivative trading in India. It is an effort to demonstrate the   growth and expansion of financial derivative of NSE in India the time period i,e 2010-2011 to 2017-18.The market turnover has grown from Rs.17663664.57 Cr. in 2009-2010 to  1163539816.124 Cr. in 2017-18.


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