Benefits of Turnkey Project in Bangladesh

  • Muhammad Syeduzzaman
  • Dr. S.K. Dutta
  • Dr. Md. Yamin Hassan
Keywords: Turnkey Project, Turnkey Project Management, Project Management, Project Planning, Turnkey Project Characteristics


Bangladesh is a country of potentialities. Power plays a vital role in the economic development of the country. So the economic development is not possible without power development. No exclusive research work has been so far study. Hope that the country will be benefited with its development. Uninterrupted, safe and adequate power supply is a pre- requisite for the development of the country. Presently, to overcome the capacity limitations of generation, transmission and distribution sector, different programs have been taken. To address these issues, Tongi 80 MW Gas Turbine Power Station has been installed. This power station will not only play an important role to meet the demand but it will also contribute significantly in reducing overloading of Tongi Grid sub station, low voltage problem of the adjacent areas, technical losses of the system and will ensure quality power supply in the capital city.


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