Structural Analysis and Optimization of Nozzle Attachment on Channel Shell Design

  • M. Sailaja
  • Dr. N.V.N Indra Kiran
Keywords: Channel Shell, Nozzles, FEA, ANSYS, Optimization


In Channel shells, Nozzles are required for inlet and outlet purposes either to carry fluids or for providing multipurpose connections. If these nozzles present on peak of the dish end do not disturb the symmetry of the shell. However sometimes process requires that nozzles to be placed on the periphery of the shell. These nozzles disturb the symmetry of the shell. Geometrical parameters of nozzle connections may significantly vary even in one channel shell. These nozzles cause geometric discontinuity of the shell wall. So a stress concentration is created at the junction. Hence a detailed analysis is required. If nozzles are placed on the periphery of a channel shell, they disturb the axis symmetry of the system and cause eccentricity. Sometimes this cause generation of a couple & lead to a structural imbalance. So that it need to analysed in FEA to understand effects of nozzle on Stress attributes of the shell. This work also studies the effect of eccentricity of the nozzles under varying thickness of shell and reinforcement pad. The effect of material concession for nozzle and Shell on the stress induced is also studied. From the results obtained by ANSYS, optimum study was performed by response surface methodology to obtain optimum shell thickness and reinforcement pad thickness for different
class of materials. 


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