A Review Paper on Thermal Performance Analysis of Single Cylinder CI Engine with Karanja Oil, Blends with Pure Diesel

  • Swpanil R Patil
  • Prof. S.U. Patel


In the present work an experimental research was carried out on a laboratory single cylinder, four-stroke variable compression ratio, direct injection diesel engine converted to Diesel dual fuel mode to analyze the performance and emission characteristics of pure diesel first and then blending of Karnja oil bio-diesel dual fuel mode. The measurements were recorded for the compression ratio of 15,16,and17 at blends % substitution rates of B20,B40 and B60 by varying the load from idle to rated load of 2.5,4.5,and 6.5 kg in steps of 1 up to 2.5kg ,4.5kg and then to 6.5kg. The results reveal that brake thermal efficiency of dual fuel engine is in the range of 15%-30% at the rated load of 6.5kg which is 11%-13% higher than pure diesel engine for B20,B40 and B60 substitution rates. Brake specific fuel consumption of dual fuel engine is found better than pure diesel engine at all engine loads. investigations in this study.


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