A Review Paper on Alternative Fuel (HYDROGEN) Vehicle

  • Rushikesh Kulkarni
  • Aniket Pawar
  • Aquib Khan
  • Durgesh Gupta
  • Mahesh M. Patil
Keywords: Hydrogen Fuel, Electrolysis, De-electrolysis, Solar Energy, Efficient Vehicle, Reduced Losses


Aim is to design a vehicle on the alternative fuel which is free from all kinds of pollution. Study of all the research work done till date was done. The effects of the main performance analysis such as safety, efficiency, exhaust emissions, environmental effects and power to run the vehicle are dealt. Electrolysis and de-electrolysis is carried to produce hydrogen and electric charge respectively. Thus, the vehicle would run on hydrogen fuel. Solar energy is utilized to power electrolysis to avoid any kind of direct or indirect pollution.


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