DWT and LSB based Audio Steganography- A Review

  • Amit Kumar
  • Kamal Niwaria
Keywords: Audio Steganography, DWT, PSNR, LSB


Steganography may be a technique for hiding data in a host signal. The host signal may be a still image, speech or video and therefore the message signal that's hidden within the host signal can be a text, image or an audio signal. For data hiding in acoustic, discrete cosine transform (DCT) and discrete wavelet transform (DWT) both are used. Perfect audio Steganography technique aim at embedding data in an imperceptible, robust and secure way and so extracting it by authorized people. Hence, up to this point the main challenge in digital audio steganography is to get robust high capacity steganography systems. Leaning towards designing a system that ensures high capacity or robustness and security of embedded data has LED to great diversity within the existing steganography techniques. In this paper, we tend to present a existing position of art literature in digital audio steganography technique. In this paper a completely unique methodology for digital audio steganography someplace encrypted concealed data is embedded by adaptively modifying wavelet packet coefficients of host audio signal. Steganography is an information hiding technique where secret message is embedded into unsuspecting cover signal. Measuring of fine steganography algorithmic rule includes security, capacity, robustness and imperceptibility. 


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