Smart Phone Adoption Among the Rural Customers with Special Reference to Coimbatore

  • M. Kunthavi Nappinnai
  • Dr. S. Ayyappan
  • M.Sakthivadivel
Keywords: Smartphone, People, Communication, E-mails, Social Networks, Business, Productivity


Smartphone’s do so many things but one of the most important aspects of their usefulness is the fact that they keep people connected. Smartphone’s give fast, easy and increased communication by integrating contact information and providing applications that can be easily accessed and allow people to stay in touch with each other. Texting, social networking, sending and receiving e-mails remain popular to connecting people. With huge powerful applications, smart phones allow their users to stay in touch with each other in their work and extend their social connection in many ways. Smartphone’s offer limitless access to news, social networks, games, entertainment, e-mails, media management, core functionality and utility applications, business, productivity and lifestyle applications.


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