Consumer Awareness of Solar Energy Products: A Study with Special Reference to Tirupur District

  • Dr. R.Mohanasundari
  • Nirmala Devi
Keywords: Solar, Solar Energy, Solar Products and Energy Conservation, Consumer Awareness and Preferences


In India, Solar energy Products are launched mainly with the objective to create environmental awareness of mass power consumption and the need to conserve power using Solar energy Products. The major drawback of Solar energy Products is its high cost and space requirement to setup a device. Apart from these drawbacks, the customers must consider the fact that Solar energy Products are highly beneficial not only for the environment but also for human beings for its unique feature of infinite abundant energy. Though most people still prefer the usage of electrical Products, the attitude of the customers is steadily changing owing to the current environmental hazards caused by the former and increasing in the awareness of solar energy. Hence, the present study examines about the customers attitude, preferences and their awareness about the usage of Solar energy Products in Tirupur district of Tamilnadu and their evolution in the market trend.


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