Effect of Social Media on Employee Productivity in Education Sector

  • Shilu Varghese
  • Dr. K.Thriveni Kumari
Keywords: Online Social Networking, Employee Productivity, Education Sector


Employees are considered as one of the most important assets of any institution. Success of an organisation  depends on the productivity of its employees. The popularity of social media and their increasing use in the workplace present some concerns for employers. There are indications that employers cannot completely prevent the use of social media during work hours. A state of uncertainty arises where employees tend to spend more time on social media such as Facebook engaging in non-work related activities such as creating personal networks, checking on family and friends, streaming and downloading music and video, checking sports scores, following social bookmarks, chatting with friends, reading and commenting on people’s statuses, perusing people’s gallery of photos and looking for friends. The purpose of this study is to examine the extent of social media participation by employees in education sector and its effect on their productivity. A sample of 120 is randomly selected from a population that has internet connectivity in the workplace. Primary data was collected by using a questionnaire. The data so collected was analysed and interpreted. The study showed that the use of social media during productive hours has a significant influence on staff productivity.


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