Trailblazer of Social Media in Advertising World

  • Dr. Deepika Saxena
  • Vidhi Sethi
Keywords: Social Media, Advertisement, Online Platform, Proactive Approach, Strategic Approach


Social media is all about handling with the shared information to carry out social interaction. In other words, it has been a drift from a one-to many-to-many model. The components which are used in the web based platforms can be passed down to instruct, trained and involved with the customers. Social media advertising is a very useful tool of communication. Advertisement is a medium considered to be very important in delivering the message to its target audience as a fastest medium in creating awareness about products among consumers. This paper will focus on the approaches of social media to manage advertisements. This paper will also discuss various factors to buy online through social media advertising. This study will discuss various success stories and also quote instances of failure of social media advertising. The present study is exploratory in nature and uses secondary sources of data collection.


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