A Study on Effectiveness of Apprenticeship Training Provided by Elgi Equipments Company Ltd., Coimbatore

  • R.Jaishankar
  • Dr. R.Prabhu
Keywords: Apprenticeship, Training, Effectiveness, Orientation


The main aim of the Research is to study the effectiveness of the training given to the present and past apprentice of ELGI Equipment Limited, Coimbatore. The objective of the study is also to check whether the company adheres to the Apprenticeship act, 1961.A census study is conducted for 32 apprentices who are undergoing training at the company at present and for 20 passed out apprentice. Simple percentage analysis and chi-square test were used to process the data and for arriving at logical conclusion.   Most of the apprentices prefer more practical orientation in the training than the theoretical orientation. They are moderately satisfied with the training provided. The apprentices feel that they have a good chance of getting placed.


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