Driving Forces for the Success of Food Ordering and Delivery Apps: A Descriptive Study

  • C. Surendhranatha Reddy
  • Dr. Guru Basava Aradhya
Keywords: Food Ordering and Delivery Applications, Ready Food, Information Technology, Flexibility


Ever changing demographics customers demanded changes in practices of marketers and especially in food ordering and delivery sector. Revolutionary advancement in information technology and communication has amended the way customers interact with sellers and particularly in the field of ready food. Customers can easily order the food and get it delivered at their door steps than earlier with the help of food delivery apps. The industry is growing at a pace than the expected due to many forces like convenience to customers, cost benefit, flexibility, more options to choose, time saving etc. The present study is based on previous researchers conducted on similar subject and it will emphasise on understanding the reasons for success of food ordering and delivery applications.


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