Correlation of Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio With its Applications in Engineering and Science

  • Anil.D.Chavan
  • Chetan.V.Suryawanshi
Keywords: Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Geometry


We have discussed in this elucidation paper about correlation of Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio with its applications in engineering and science. One of the most recurring sequences in nature is the Fibonacci sequence. As the sequence was explored, it was found out that this sequence led to the golden ratio. This study tried to apply the concept of Fibonacci and golden ratio to maximize efficiency of our live life. We consider self-similar curve like golden spiral in whose nature their beauty is much admired. The explanations show that source of Fibonacci numbers and how to exist Fibonacci numbers in the world we live. The mathematical theories of Fibonacci numbers and golden ratio gives the source of many new ideas in Mathematics, Chemistry, Civil engineering, Architecture, Automobile engineering, Philosophy, Botanic and biology, Electrical engineering, Computer science and engineering, Mechanical engineering, Communication systems, Mathematical education as well as theoretical physics and physics of high energy particles [1].


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