An Experimental Investigation of Material Removal Rate on H-13 Die Tool Steel on EDM Using Taguchi Techniques

  • Ankit Kumar
  • Poshan Lal Sahu
Keywords: EDM, H-13 Die Tool Steel, Pulse on Time, Peak Current and Feed Rate, Material Removal Rate, Taguchi Technique


H-13 is die tool steel, it have widely applications in the Hot punches and dies for blanking, bending, swaging and forging, Hot extrusion dies for aluminum, cores, ejector pins, inserts, Nozzles for aluminum, tin and lead die casting, Hot shear blades etc. as the H-13 steel has widely applications so it is chosen for the present study. Presents works shows the effect of various process parameters like peak current, Pulse on Time and Feed rate on Material Removal Rate. EDM Drilling and Taguchi technique is used for the optimization of response variables.


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