Analysis of Stress, Anxiety and Depression of Children during COVID-19

  • Shawni Dutta
  • Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Keywords: COVID-19, Stress, Mental Anxiety, Depression, Children and Attributes


Coronavirus is believed to have originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China, and has spread all over the world, resulting in a large number of hospitalizations and deaths.Social scientists are just beginning to understand its consequences on human behavior. One policy that public health officials put in place to help stop the spread of the virus were stay-at-home/shelter-in-place lockdown-style orders.Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country have now been shut down till now due to Covid-19. Some Governments in India impose lockdown to reduce the crises created by this unknown virus.It is now difficult to make final assessments by school, school leaving examinations and entrance tests for undergraduate and post-graduate courses. This disruption implies for students across the socio-economic spectrum, both in terms of learning outcomes, food and economic security. Here the aim is to discuss the implications of lockdown-induced in schools in both urban and rural areas in India.

The whole world implemented a nationwide lockdown to curb the transmission of the virus.  A survey was over Five hundred families to complete a questionnaire with questions around symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and family affluence. The humans who do not have enough supplies to sustain the lockdown were most affected Families with affluence were found to be negatively correlatedwith stress, anxiety, and depression. Stress, anxiety, and depression more than others are seen in students and healthcare professionals. The main aim of the paper is to find out how symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress on parents due to COVID-19.


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