A Hypothesis is Placed to Justify the Extendibility of Recommender System/ Recommendation System into Social Life

  • Shawni Dutta
  • Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Keywords: Item, Medicine, Product, Medical Application, Financial Application, Recommender System, Machine Learning


Researchers still believe that the information filtering system/ collaborating system is a recommender system or a recommendation system. It is used to predict the "rating" or "preference" of a user to an item.  In other words, both predict rating or preference for an item or product on a specific platform. The aim of the paper is to extend the areas of the recommender system/recommendation systems. The basic task of the recommender system mainly is to predict or analyze items/product. If it is possible to include more products in the system, then obviously the system may be extended for other areas also. For example, Medicine is a product and doctors filter the particular medicine for the particular disease. In the medical diagnosis doctors prescribed a medicine and it a product. It depends on the disease of the user/patient so here doctor predicts a medicine or product just like an item is recommended in a recommender system. The main objective of the paper is to extend the Recommender System/Recommendation system in other fields so that the research works can be extended Social Science, Bio-medical Science and many other areas.


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