Customer Satisfaction on Banking Services in Indian Growing Economy Nainital District

  • Dr. Sanjeev Saxena
  • Mayank Jindal
Keywords: Bank Customer Satisfaction, Banking Services, Economic Growth


Finance is the energy of every business whether it is profit making or loss-making business and finance are required. Economy grows with the developing people of his country. There is no way to grow the country economy without financial growing of his resident peoples and banking sector play a major role to provide financial services. Banks play a major role in the growth of the economy by providing their services. Customer satisfaction is essential for the future growth of both bank and country economy growth also. This study made to determine customer satisfaction level on banking services.  This study based on primary data. Primary data collected through questionnaire. The questionnaire collected from 50 peoples in Kumoun region specially in Haldwani urban area. All types of people included in sample collection Students, Employees, Self Employees, and retired persons. To assess customer satisfaction used the pre-tested five points Likert's scale test. On the basis of the analysis, it is concluded that the customer service satisfaction level of banks is 73.80%.Key Words: Customer satisfaction, Banking services, Overall satisfaction.


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