Factors Influencing Overall Job Satisfaction Level of Teachers in Erode District

  • Arasu Periyasaamy
  • Dr. V. Vijayalakshmi
Keywords: Teaching, Traditional Practices, Job Satisfaction, Erode District


Traditionally, teaching was a combination of information-dispensing, custodial child care and sorting out academically inclined students from others. The underlying model for schools was an education factory in which adults, paid hourly or daily wages, kept like-aged youngsters sitting still for standardized lessons and tests.Teachers were told what, when, and how to teach. They were required to educate every student in exactly the same way and were not held responsible when many failed to learn. They were expected to teach using the same methods as past generations, and any deviation from traditional practices was discouraged by supervisors or prohibited by myriad education laws and regulations. Thus, many teachers simply stood in front of the class and delivered the same lessons year after year, growing gray and weary of not being allowed to change what they were doing. The present study focuses on factors influencing overall job satisfaction level of teachers in Erode district.


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