Factors Influencing the E-Shoppers Perception towards E-Shopping (A Study with Special Reference to Wardha City)

  • Dr. Ramprakash O. Panchariya Associate Professor & HOD, Department of Management Studies, B. D. College of Engineering, Sevagram, Wardha – 442001, Maharashtra, INDIA
Keywords: E-Shoppers, E-Commerce, E-Shopping, Perception


Purpose: The study focuses on identifying and exploring the various factors influencing the e-shoppers perception towards e-shopping.

Design / methodology / approach: A research model is developed based on the literature. For the purpose of study data collected from 100 e-shoppers belonged to Wardha City of Maharashtra. By using in structured questionnaire, descriptive statistical measure like mean has been used for analyzing the data.

Findings: The results reveal that the seven key factors like convenience, time saving, home delivery, price advantage, more choice, reliability and security significantly influenced the e-shoppers perception on e-shopping.

Contribution of the study: The result of this study provides a valuable reference to the e-marketers to understand the factors influencing e-shoppers perception. They can further sharpen their marketing strategies to attract and retain their customers.


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