Project Management Procedure for the Construction of Cooled Stores for Drugs and Medicine on Iraq

  • Abdulrasul Rahaif Radhi Ogaili M.Sc. Program, Engineering Management Department Science and Technology Institute, Istanbul Gedik University, TURKEY
  • Dr. AHMET GÜLLÜ Assistant Professor, Engineering Management Department Science and Technology Institute, Istanbul Gedik University, TURKEY
Keywords: Cold Storage, Management, Medical and Drags, Waterfall, Framework


Iraq is one of the countries that fluctuates in the climate greatly, as well as is characterized by a very hot summer, so the cold storage sector is very important in this country, especially medicine and medical supplies stores. The warehouse sector is one of the most important construction sectors. It includes many facilities, the most important of which are cold stores. After researching and investigating the necessary data in managing this type of project, it was found that there is a great shortage in that data, and this deficiency may be one of the reasons for the failure of this sector in Iraq. In order to evaluate the information and available data related to the management of cold store projects, a questionnaire was asked to take the opinion of engineers and specialists in this field. The questionnaire included several axes, and each axis included a group of questions. The questions were divided depending on their relationship to each other. The questions included gender, age, specialization, experience and the fact that the engineer previously worked in project management and other questions. This article proposes waterfall framework as project management framework for the studied case projects.


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