Students’ Perception towards Learning Platforms – A Comparative Analysis of Online and Offline Learning

  • Shreya Gupta Student, Department of Commerce, Panjab University, Chandigarh, INDIA
Keywords: Online Learning, Offline Learning, Perception


The purpose of this study is to find out college students perception towards the learning platforms and their priorities with regard to online learning as well as offline learning. Rapid developments in education technology have provided many new options of learning to students and thus made this research important to determine their preferences for the same. Moreover due to covid-19, the students have fresh experience of online learning which would make the comparison more relevant. The study makes comparison of online education and traditional way of education from the point of view of Post - Graduate students from M.COM, MBA, MA (economics), M.SC, and M.TECH respectively. To know their perception and preference, online questionnaire was constructed via Google form and data was collected from 100 respondents. 10 variables based on 5 point likert scale have been used to analyze the perception. These variables include Convenience, Flexibility, Teacher – student interaction, accessibility in terms of time and cost, Freedom in learning, Doubt clarity, Learning experience, Content analysis, Adaptability and performance evaluation. This preliminary analysis of students' perception will determine whether there are statistically significant differences between online learning and offline learning, and preference for online learning technology between gender groups and between post graduate students from different educational qualifications and family income, along with investigating the reasons for their preference.


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