The Effect on the Telecom Industry and Consumers after the Introduction of Reliance Jio

  • Aditya Gupta
  • Kushagra Raghav
  • Parth Dhakad
Keywords: Reliance Jio, Telecom Industry, Internet, Network, Digital transformation, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Consumers, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Bloomberg


In the world of intense competition amongst all the industries, the telecom industry also does not fail to stay behind. With the belief that the customer is the king, each and every company in India is willing to go to depths and cross lines every day so that they can be that one brand that customers look for. While choosing a Network, one looks for various factors such as Network coverage, the call rates, the internet plan offered and not to forget but the value-added services as well. Satisfying the consumers in each of this aspect is not an easy task. Based on the literature review and after considering the questions we want to answer; the research problem of the research paper is “The Effect on The Consumers and Telecom Industry after the Introduction of Reliance Jio.” The problem mainly focuses on how the telecom industry was before and after Jio, what people believe and perceive about Reliance Jio and what challenges the competitors faced with the introduction of Jio. Based on the research problem, these are some of the objectives of our study,

  1. To study the impact of Reliance Jio on the telecom industry, the change in composition of industry, change in market share and the reforms that were undertaken
  2. To identify the effect of Jio on common people and consumer behavior
  3. To identify the business strategy followed by Jio and its Competitors

The methodology used in the research paper was s Single Cross-Sectional Descriptive Design. With the objective and design, the tool used for analysis were Mean, Standard Deviation to compare and analyze the data, also test like the Z-test and Chi-Square Test were done to test the hypothesis.

Finally, the findings of the research paper concluded that Jio disrupted the market to such a level forcing competitors to exit or merge, amongst the consumers, the respondents were eager to test the new competitor in the market and thus the research witnessed a significant shift in the network from other networks to Jio.

Through our research we recommend that Consumers should try to shift to Jio, with their very low monthly plans and Huge value-added services offered, which the competitors are still not able to achieve, adds to the success of Jio in India.


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