Complaint Policy

The International Journal of Engineering and Management Research complies with the best practices in dealing with complaints, which are summarized in COPE’s procedure flowcharts.

Complaints about the publishing policies, procedures and actions of the publishing and editorial staff and Editors of the Journal may be transmitted in writing to and will be forwarded to the appropriate person responsible for the issue.

If complaints refer to a peer review issue the case is referred to the Editor-in-Chief (IJEMR) who will respond in the appropriate timeframe.

If the complaint concerns any content of the Journal with reference to incorrect information, plagiarism, copyright or any other intellectual property infringement, the Publisher will investigate the matter and will make the necessary decisions in compliance with the recommendations of COPE.

All complaints will be acknowledged to the appropriate person within three working days from email receipt. The Journal aims to provide a definitive response within two weeks. If more time is required by the actual circumstances, an interim response will be given within the abovementioned timeframe, until the complaint is resolved.