International Journal of Engineering and Management Research 2020-10-20T07:53:07+0530 IJEMR Journal Admin Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">International Journal of Engineering and Management Research (IJEMR) is a "PRINT &amp; ONLINE" double-blind&nbsp;<a href="">peer-reviewed&nbsp;</a>"Bi-monthly" refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in all the fields of Engineering and Management subjects.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">IJEMR is an international academic journal which gains a foothold in INDIA, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, China, Indonesia and opens to the world. We focused to publish papers/articles on all Management, Computer Science &amp; Engineering, Mathematical Science &amp; Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Applications, Civil Engineering and other related topics.</p> Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Agile Usage 2020-10-05T07:55:49+0530 Shahzeb Hussain Namrata Bhadri Syed Razauddin Shahlal <p>Agile techniques that utilize iterative development are broadly used in various industry projects as a lightweight development technique which can satisfy the continuous changes of requirements. Short repetitions are used that are required for efficient product delivery. Traditional and old software development methods are not much efficient and effective to control the rapid change in requirements. Despite the benefits of Agile, criticism on agile methodology states that it couldn’t succeed to pay attention to architectural and design issues and therefore is bound to produce small design-decisions. The past decade has observed numerous changes in systems development with many organizations accepting agile techniques as a viable methodology for developing systems. An increase in the number of research studies reveals the growing demand and acceptance of agile methodologies. While most research has focused on acceptance rate and adaptation of agile practices, there is very limited knowledge of their post-adoption usage and incorporation within organizations. Several factors explain the effective usage of agile methodologies. A combination of previous research in Agile Methodologies, Diffusion of Innovations, Information Systems implementation, and Systems Development has been carried out to develop a research model that identifies the main factors relevant to the propagation and effective usage of agile methodologies in organizations.</p> 2020-10-05T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Review of Rural Marketing in India and Innovations in Rural Marketing 2020-10-05T07:55:50+0530 Bhavika Pandita Hakhroo <p>The aim of this research is to study the current scenario of Rural Marketing in India, the rural market presents with its various opportunities and challenges, given how diversely populated the rural consumers in India are. The rural market consists of 83.3 crore people and this is what attracts marketers to enter in this market. To market in the territory of rural marketing corporations must understand the rural consumer. There is a shift incoming from urban to the rural marketing as the development and levels of literacy and awareness among the rural consumers is rising and these consumers want value for their money. Marketers when catering to rural consumers need to connect with them and also undertake demonstrations for the better understanding of the rural people. Many innovations in the strategy to market into the rural markets have been undertaken in the past years. This paper aims to understand these innovations and strategies and to understand the rural consumer of India. The future of rural marketing and the development in rural areas is promising in development of rural economies and for the people living in these rural areas a better life.</p> 2020-10-05T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research An Analysis of Constraints to Economic and Trade Cooperation between the China-Africa Community with a Shared Future 2020-10-05T07:55:51+0530 Debongo Devincy Yanne Sylvaire <p>The constraints in the economic and trade cooperation of the China-Africa community of shared future that cannot neglect. The main constraints to the development of China-Africa economic cooperation include the imbalance of China-Africa economic and trade, the unitary commodity structure, and competition in the international market. There are differences in the political and legal values between China and Africa. Western developed countries restrict and exclude the economic cooperation between the Chinese and African communities, fabricate the China threat theory, and seek energy and political interests to disrupt the smooth development of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation.</p> 2020-10-05T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research A Tribute to Jack Welch: Manager of the Century 2020-10-06T05:39:57+0530 Mohd Ossama <p>Jack Welch was the CEO of&nbsp;<a href="">General Electric</a>&nbsp;(GE)&nbsp;from 1981 – 2001, when the company expanded significantly, its worth grew multifold, he was named -Manager of the Century by the Fortune magazine. &nbsp;The company saw increased market value from around $14 billion to $410 billion odd under his stewardship. This essay tries to highlight the importance of his leadership skills and his business decisions that shaped the course for the company. He has been an icon for future managers, he died in 2020.</p> 2020-10-05T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research An Essay on Attributes of Leadership 2020-10-06T06:52:09+0530 Mohd Ossama <p>Leadership is essential at all levels and all major organizations; it gives direction and perspective and sustained vision, which is translated into reality. Leadership encompasses all positions and covers many areas such as business, governmental, political and social. We look at some of the attributes of leadership in this essay.</p> 2020-10-05T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research A Study of Talent Management Practices and Strategies in the Service Sector 2020-10-08T07:26:51+0530 Shweta Bobhate <p>Talent management is a mechanism which involves hiring, assigning, transferring, growth and retaining of employees in the organisation. It is important because it ensures top talent is attracted and effective employee performance, employee’s engagement and retainment of top talent. A thorough review of the work carried out shows that businesses are experiencing a talent shortage in this competitive period, which has placed pressure on them to recruit the best talent and to ensure that workers enter the company and choose to remain in the organization rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere. The importance of the different components of talent management for employees was another unexplored area. Existing research has not been able to resolve the problem of defining the importance of the different talent management elements and the weighting they bear for employees. The problem of employee perception and management perception of the efficacy of talent management activities has also not been discussed, to address this gap the researcher has attempted to study talent management practices in service sector. The author followed a systematic approach to address the research questions, the literature was reviewed, in research methodology, primary data was collected through questionnaire which followed a sampling method accompanied by hypothesis testing which revealed that the effective practices boosts up the efficiency of the employees and performance of the organization too.</p> 2020-10-08T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Soil Stabilization using Pro-base Technology 2020-10-14T06:13:35+0530 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta Gurmeet Singh <p>Roads are the lifeline of the nation and hence a road must be of better quality which could make effective land access possible. According to a research conducted in Sri Lanka, if you want to rescue a village from poverty, 10-20 years of educational subsidy might not work, but if the same amount of money is funneled on road infrastructure development, you can see results within 2 years. An effective road network ensures efficient delivery of goods and transportation of people, directly contributing to the economic growth of the region. Due to economic reasons in developing nations like India, it is not possible to make paved roads especially in rural areas. These areas are mostly connected by the use of unpaved roads called as earth road or soil roads. But there are many problems associated in building these roads particularly like deterioration of the surface usually by rutting and formation of potholes, dusty in dry state and muddy during wet state. The basis of this report is to make aware about the non-traditional soil stabilization technique using Probase SH-85 Soil Hardener for hardening soil of any type and TX-85 Soil Stabilizer &amp; Strengthener for stabilizing unstable soil and at last sealing it by spraying with Probase PB-65 Soil Sealant on soil surface. The Probase Road System ensures making soil road no longer dusty and muddy. These products are free from toxins and are environmental friendly unlike bitumen, soil-cement, lime and asphalt roads. Probase soil stabilizer will hence not only help in stabilizing the soil but will also reduce maintenance and construction cost, along with ensuring that the roads remain open and well operational in rainy season and dust-free in dry season that is to make it an all-weather road.</p> 2020-10-14T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Scarcity, Rural Consumers and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities 2020-10-15T05:21:10+0530 Arunjyoti Sarangi Sandipana Das <p>While the entire world is under constant observation and lock down caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19, the most suffered are being neglected. As the press says “The rich brought this virus in to the country and the one paying for it are the poor and marginalized population”. The virus has not only challenged the entire health and immune system, it has also taken a toll on the already damaged economy of our country. Every sector has been through loss, be it is production, transportation or supply chain. The major trouble is the larger the population density is, the bigger the threat it is going to be. As the same has been observed in Italy, India also is dreading for that nightmare to turn into reality. But the recipient of all these hassle and negligence comes down to the bottom of the pyramid. The nation and the GoI sure are trying to support every individual. Yet the question lies: Is this sufficient?</p> 2020-10-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research A Hypothesis is Placed to Justify the Extendibility of Recommender System/ Recommendation System into Social Life 2020-10-16T09:24:15+0530 Shawni Dutta Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay <p>Researchers still believe that the information filtering system/ collaborating system is a recommender system or a recommendation system. It is used to predict the "rating" or "preference" of a user to an item.&nbsp; In other words, both predict rating or preference for an item or product on a specific platform. The aim of the paper is to extend the areas of the recommender system/recommendation systems. The basic task of the recommender system mainly is to predict or analyze items/product. If it is possible to include more products in the system, then obviously the system may be extended for other areas also. For example, Medicine is a product and doctors filter the particular medicine for the particular disease. In the medical diagnosis doctors prescribed a medicine and it a product. It depends on the disease of the user/patient so here doctor predicts a medicine or product just like an item is recommended in a recommender system. The main objective of the paper is to extend the Recommender System/Recommendation system in other fields so that the research works can be extended Social Science, Bio-medical Science and many other areas.</p> 2020-10-16T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Review of Security and Privacy Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) 2020-10-19T08:49:26+0530 Israa M. Al-dulaimi Ayman Khalil <p>Vehicles in a vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) broadcast information about the driving environment in the road. Due to the open-access environment, this means that the VANET is susceptible to security and privacy issues. However, none of the related works satisfies all security and privacy requirements. Besides, their proposed has huge overhead in terms of computation and communication. The present paper is a provide a thorough background on VANETs and their entities; different security attacks; and all requirements of the privacy and security for VANETs. This paper may serve as a guide and reference for VANETs in the design and implementation of any new techniques for protection and privacy.</p> 2020-10-19T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research Database Performance Management in Cloud 2020-10-20T07:53:07+0530 Navendu Mishra Jayant Sawarkar Suraj Dubey <p>Managing large chain of Hotels and ERP database comprises of core areas such as HRMS &amp; PIP.HRMS (Human Resource Management System), which further includes areas such as Soft Joining, Promotion, Transfer, Confirmation, Leave Attendance and Exit, etc. PIP (Payroll Information Portal), wherein employees can view their individual Salary details, submit investment declaration, Reimbursement claim &amp; CTC structuring, etc. Management of Large Chain of Hotels and ERP Database in AWS Cloud involves continuous monitoring with regards to the areas such as Performance of resource usages and optimization techniques relating to the use of PL/SQL. High Availability (HA) of data is accomplished through the Backup and Recovery mechanism and security of the data by Encryption &amp; Decryption mechanism.</p> 2020-10-20T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2020 International Journal of Engineering and Management Research