Peer Review Policy

Manuscripts submitted will go through the evaluation process with a system of double-blind peer review by reviewers selected by the Editorial Board with at least one of whom is a member of the Editorial Board. All manuscripts are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers. Reviewers are appointed under consideration of expertise and suitability to the subject. Results of the evaluation will be communicated within 2-3 weeks. On the basis of reviewers’ comments and recommendations, the Editorial Board will decide whether the manuscript is accepted without revision, accepted with revisions required, or rejected. We uses an online Reviewer Evaluation Form which the reviewer will be able to access after agreeing to review an article.  The form allows reviewers to rate and comment on quality, format, presentation, methodolgy, accuracy, readability, and other criteria. The revised manuscript should be returned to the Editorial Board within a predetermined time.

The peer review process of IJEMR